About Kelly Roughton
AAMET Level II EFT Practitioner, NGH Certified Hypnotist

Kelly RoughtonDriven by a seemingly ever-present unhappiness, a pervasive dissatisfaction with life and a series of emotionally draining relationships, I began at the age of 32 to (finally) seriously address my personal issues.

I started off with 4 years of "talk" therapy. During the 3rd year, my therapist noticed that I was VERY IMPATIENT to heal more quickly so she suggested a few adjunct treatments that I could try: a deep-tissue massage therapist, an "Emotions Guy" and a ROLFer.

I tried them all! When I asked, she told me that she had found there were things that therapy just didn't seem to completely heal and that by using other modalities you gave yourself more options and were more likely to succeed. I REALLY wanted to succeed!

When I moved away from her in 2002, she had piqued my curiosity about the world of holistic healing so I began to explore those options more deeply. I would try out a session or two of spiritual healing, Bowen Therapy or BodyTalk to test the results. Or I would take a course in a modality to satisfy my curiosity.

In 2006, I took a class called Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) because the tagline was: "It often works where nothing else will". After a bit of trial and error with the technique, I began to get CONSISTENTLY good results. Once I did, I couldn't stop using it. It was so EASY! All I had to do was bring up my negative emotions (those were always present), tap on some acupressure points with my fingertips and BANG! my perspective would change and the emotion would drop away like magic. Hallelujah!

I've always been sensitive to other people's pain. Many times when I was younger, I had a deep desire to help people feel better but mired in my own personal problems, self-doubt and lacking helpful knowledge, I simply didn't have the tools.

When I found that EFT really worked for me and I achieved such enormous relief from daily stresses and old negative patterns in an unusually short period of time, it became my passion to share it with others.

Since discovering this technique, I've been certified by AAMET as a Level II EFT Practictioner and I've found that you can never have too many tools in your healing toolbox. I've taken many more classes and learned a number of other techniques: coaching, hypnosis, NLP, Psych-K, Reiki, etc. All of these have helped me in my own healing and added depth to my ability to support others. I appreciate all these new tools but nothing in my exprience so far has been as powerful as EFT, Picture Tapping Technique (PTT) and Exploratory Hypnosis for releasing negative emotions and shifting perception.

Having reached a level of well-being today that is beyond my own previous belief of what was possible, I've given myself a mission: to arm others with tools that help them heal and grow and to share any useful knowledge that I have with those who would like to learn it... even if I have to strap them down (joke!).

To accomplish this goal, I offer one-on-one coaching sessions. I also teach workshops, give talks, offer demos and facilitate support groups on many different personal development subjects; i.e. EFT, Law of Attraction, Creative Self-Discovery and Holistic Healing Techniques.

I share these teachings because I love to help people change old destructive patterns, emotions and beliefs. I love to see the look of wonder on people's faces as they discover that these tools and techniques help release them from stress and pain and proportionately raise their general sense of well-being.

If you have any questions about EFT, PTT, Exploratory Hypnosis, my workshops or booking a session, don't hesitate to contact me.

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