Cost of Sessions and
Payment Options

Price of one-on-one coaching sessions using mostly EFT, PTT, Reiki and/or Matrix Reimprinting:
(duration - 1h 15min)

* For any sessions or workshops involving travel, pre-arrangement with me is necessary. Some requests can't be accepted.

Price of one-on-one hypnosis sessions:
(duration - anywhere between 2h 30min and 3h 30min)

** To avoid excessive fees or wasted time, if after half an hour of hypnosis the trance state proves to be unsuitable for the work we want to accomplish (this can happen for a number of reasons), we will end the session and a fee of only $50 will be charged.

Price of private workshops (minimum of 5 people):

Please remember to contact me directly to book your appointment or workshop before making a payment.


You can pay:

  • In person:
    • Cash
    • Cheque

  • Online ahead of time:
    • Paypal links below
    • Request a Paypal invoice from me for the exact amount


To pre-pay by Paypal:

Please select your choice from the appropriate drop-down list below
then, click the "Pay Now" button that corresponds.

Private Sessions





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