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When it comes to workshops, I'm an exuberant facilitator. I truly enjoy passing on some of the tools and other information I consider myself fortunate to have acquired over the years.

If the dates of my public events don't suit you, maybe you'd like to put your own group together for a private workshop! It's pretty simple and the price is right.

TEACHING LANGUAGE : The event will be taught in the language that is used below to describe it.


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Monthly Tapping Group

Every LAST WEDNESDAY of the month - 11 AM to 12:30 PM (ET)



FREE Holistic Meet & Mingle - temporarily suspended





Monthly Tapping Group

Date: Last Wed. of the month - December 29th, 2021 - Time: 11 AM to 12:30 PM
Cost: what you can afford (anything from $5 to $500)
Location: Online Zoom video chat (see link below in description)
Contact Kelly: 1-514-770-1608 - Questions/Reservations

I am offering at the end of each month, an online tapping group to hold space for dealing with our negative emotions. It doesn't matter what you are upset or concerned about or whether it resonates with what anyone else is dealing with, each person will be able to work on their own "stuff" using tapping and visualization techniques.

The group is a safe space where you can express emotion (we cry, feel fear, get enraged, feel discouraged, burp, sigh, yawn, stomach gurgle, etc. a lot!) but we will do our best to not spend too much time on telling our stories. Because the tapping is what heals: more tapping, less talking.

This combination of imagination, visualization, EFT/Tapping (an amazingly powerful tool) and the combined energy of the group will reduce our anxiety, anger, sadness, powerlessness, frustration, guilt, etc. relating to whatever problem you are working on and everything it might mean to you.

Surprisingly, we don't always need to change the situation or the person. Often a change in perception is all we need to find more peace around something.

We will do the work in a dissociated way as much as possible. We want as little overwhelm as possible so we will do this more with symbolism and body sensations. Again, keeping the actual facts and stories to a minimum. The subconscious mind understands things in a non-linear symbolic fashion and we will attempt to speak its language in order to get the best results in a group setting.

If you'd like to join us, please use this link:

The passcode is included in the above link. When you click on it, you should just get right in (no waiting room). However, if it doesn't work, you can try this way:

  • Open the Zoom website: zoom.us/join.
    If you have never used Zoom before, it will ask you to download the program. Say yes.
  • Type in the Meeting ID: 824 0272 8338
  • Then the passcode: tapping

Feel free to share the information with anyone anywhere in the world who you think could attend and would benefit.

S'il y a assez de demande, je pourrais facilement faire un groupe en français aussi. Contactez-moi si ça vous intéresse.

If you need more information, contact me.

See below for how to make your contribution.


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The contribution amount - anywhere between $5 and $500 - can be sent either of these ways (or by cheque but please speak to me first):

Best ways:

e-Transfer to kellyroughton@gmail.com
Paypal (non-Canadians/non-etransfer people):
Paypal Link


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Holistic Meet 'n' Mingle


Date: Temporarily suspended

The Meet & Mingle Monthly Event. We will eventually go back to meeting once a month.

Whether you are new to holistic healing ideas, simply curious about metaphysical subjects or you're already deeply entrenched in this non-traditional world, feel free to come out and spend the evening chatting, sharing ideas, asking questions and maybe getting a free reading if someone brings their oracle or tarot cards. It's very informal. You never know who you'll meet or what can happen.

It would be our great pleasure if you would join us at the usual Rockaberry's in Kirkland and get to know other like-minded Montrealers and do some holistic networking. :)

There is a Meetup.com group where you can sign up to get email reminders for our events. It's called Holistic Meet and Mingle Montreal.

You can also stay in contact with Enzo and me through our groups on Facebook and our websites:



Hope we will get back to having gatherings again soon!


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